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About us

Incodis operates in the field of digitalization and legal platforms for B2B-business.
Incodis is a company under German laws incorporated and registered at the Court of Düsseldorf.
Incodis develops and markets powerful software tools and expert platforms used world-wide. We provide our customers quick and convenient access to high quality services for operating in various countries.

Incodis leverages its world-wide network of highly qualified experts, to provide you the best solutions. Using cutting edge technology, we provide access to professional legalservices anytime anywhere in a more economic and expedited manner.
In light of the technology developed in the last years, Incodis has the possibility to channel legal services provided by professional firms in a faster and economically more convenient way supported by cutting edge technology.

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Incodis develops and markets powerful online software tools such as Lawforce ®, which enable its customers to run the legal processes, to draft legal documents under various jurisdictions, to have the drafts checked in real time by a qualified local expert of Incodis.

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