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Customer care: +49 (0) 2102 / 8500 - 340

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Business agreements contain critical information that can have positive and negative effects on a company. This automated extraction system helps to identify potential risks at the early stage by performing a red flag analysis (identifying critical items for you). After determining contract key terms and clauses for the extraction, watch the algorithm do the work for you, supported by the final quality control. The contracts you upload as pdf or word document into the tool, are converted (OCRed) and algorithms are applied to them. You can also set a deadline for your extraction. Within the time limit you will receive your extraction as a file that can be downloaded.
  • Data extraction of legal documents
  • Red flag list
  • Download options
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This function spots the difference between two different documents, e.g. the old and the new version. Time consuming comparison of long documents is not necessary anymore, e.g. a new contract version sent by business partner before signing will be compared quickly with the last version you have checked. The user can upload a new version to the already existing document in the digital database to start a comparison. Furthermore the comparison can be downloaded.
  • Versioning
  • Compare versions
  • Download comparison
  • Download versions
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Effortlessly convert any PDF file into a MS Word document with excellent accuracy, e.g. an amended contract draft received by the business partner with his changes as a PDF file. Boost your productivity with this function.
  • Upload pdf file
  • Upload scanned pdf file
  • OCR scanner
  • Download options
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